Particle size distribution analysis software Mac-View

Overview of Mac-View

Combines various recognition tools to enable measurements and analysis of all particles

The image analyzing particle size distribution measurement software Mac-View enables you to automatically detect particles and measure their particle size distribution, the shape factor, etc. quickly and accurately by simply inputting conditions from imported images.
Even in case of complex shaped particles, particle shapes can be recognized relatively easy by using a manual tool combined with a graphics tablet.

Support Software

■ Powder Analysis Software Mac-PIAS

Mac-PIAS is a new-dimension comprehensive powder analysis software enabling all-round management and analysis of “particle size distribution data” measured using different methods.

■ Test Data Sieve Analysis Software Macmesh

Macmesh is a tool for elimination of artificial errors from high-volume sieving tests and for increasing work efficiently.


Common Spec

Computer OS : Windows 7/8/10 (32/64bit Both correspond) 
CPU : Compliant with trial required by OS
RAM : Over 2GB RAM recommend
CD-ROM drive required for analyze software installation
1 USB connection port
200 MB free space on HDD


Measurement area , Circumference length , Major diameter , Maximum length , Minimum length , Heywood diameter , Circularity coefficient , Aspect ratio , etc.
Analysis Particle size , On/Pass , PeakData , Data synthesis , etc.
Other graph display , Print output , Textdata output , picturedata output
Corresponding standard JIS Z8827-1
Peripheral equipment LCD pen tablet (recommended) , Scanner [TWAIN correspondence(Option)]


Basic function data converte , Statistical processing , data search , etc.
Option function Rosin – Ramler analysis , Automatic pass / fail judgment , Lognormal distribution switching , etc.


Basic function auto dataload , sieve data save/load , graph display change , data comparison , etc.
Peripheral equipment Electronic balance (When using electronic balance requires 1 rs232c Port)
Corresponding standard JIS Z 8801 / Z 8815