Products developed by MOUNTECH

Products that lead the industry with original technology devoted to automation.
From research and development to quality control, we make measurement procedures,
analysis and control of various types of powders possible according to specific needs at the customer’s site.

Products by PUC

It is a chemical equipment manufacturer to have designed and manufactured the colloid mill,
which is a synonym for the wet micro grinder, for the first time in the world.
Various products ranging from liquids to pastes can be pulverized, dispersed, homogenized and emulsified.
The particle size can be adjusted by the grinding gap adjustment mechanism.

Products by INDAG

Design and manufacture of dynamic mixers, foaming machines, design and manufacture of fluid control systems
which are highly valued for their performance and reliability and are continuously delivered for applications
in a wide range of fields including such industries as food, chemistry, petrochemical, cosmetics, pulp and paper and environmental.