Automatic True Density Analyzer Macpycno®

Overview of Macpycno®

True density measurement method by gas replacement method

Since the fully automated true density measurement device Macpycno® can perform all types of automatic operations except for data entry, it enables quick and highly accurate measurements for both powders and solids.
In addition, repeated measurements can be done at short intervals, so the system is also optimal for quality control sites with large numbers of test samples.


Mechanical Spec
Principle Gas displacement method [Japanese Industrial Standards(jis):Z8807:2012 compliant)
GAS Helium
Reproducibility ±0.03%
Measurement cell volume Sample Pod : 20cc , 40cc , 60cc (Opution : 3cc , 110cc)
Calibration Calibration stainless ball [Option : with Japan Quality Assurance Organization(JQA) certificate]
Interface Color touch panel
Chamber temperature adjustment
18 ~ 30℃ (Option : Measurement pressure self control)
Size W450×D410×H250
Weight About 26kg
Other Measurement data can be copied as a CSV file to USB memory
Data management and analysis by PC is also possible