Greetings from the President

To be flexible in incorporating various aspects and evolve continuously

Our company started in 1985 as a computer software developer, and we have an evolving history until now.

Moving forward from developing software that are controlled by a computer, a new idea was born when we started working in the field of measuring equipment. Since there are limitations to the creation of added value with software alone in this field, we worked on the development of hardware and delivered “Macsorb” to the world as our first step.

After that, along with market expansion of measuring equipment, we started introducing equipment at our manufacturing site. Interactions with German Probst & Class and INDAG Maschinenbau started with the aim of combining a powder crushing device with a measurement technology. So now we have Mountech.

We have been developing software with approaches from manufacturing and from measurement site since the founding of our company. Our company’s stance is to flexibly adopt various perspectives and constantly evolve

Yutaka Yokoyama (President and CEO)

About Mountech Co., Ltd.

Mountech is a maker of powder measurement and analysis equipment that leads the industry with original technology.

Since the founding of our company, we have been engaging in research and development activities that are centered on “the use of computers as controllers” by consistently “bridging hardware and software” as a motto.
As we know, computer technology has been progressing far beyond expectation in recent years, and at the same time its scope of application is rapidly expanding.

We often use a variety of products that contain powder. These include printer ink, toner, cosmetics such as foundation etc., pharmaceuticals in powder and tablet forms, food products such as flour, raw materials for pottery and ceramics, materials for rechargeable batters, magnetized bodies for hard disks, as well as raw materials for all sorts of metal, plastic, paper, paint, etc.

Mountech manufactures and sells software for the control and analysis along with automation systems for powder-size distribution measuring devices that measure and analyze the distribution of powder-size particles. With this know-how, we consistently develop the hard and soft sides of powder measurement systems, from specific surface area measuring device and micrograph images and videos producing technologies to software used in analysis of particle shape and size distribution.

Our measuring equipment and software have been used by manufacturers that deal with raw materials and ingredients for quality control, manufacturing, and product development. Naturally, there are competitors offering similar products in the market, but due the high quality and originality of our products, we are able to compete with even much larger competitors. It is a result of a steady cycle in developing easy-to-use, high-quality original products and implementing direct feedbacks from customers about their specific needs to continuously improve our product quality. In addition, being agile and flexible in business is also an advantage that we have that large competitors do not.