Mountech’s Strengths

Reversed concept. Software is its foundation.

One of our key strengths is our “reversed concept”.
We believe that its foundation should start with software.

Our reversed concept is based on the idea that software is the main axis and hardware are controlled based on its commands. That is the main drive of our growth. By controlling a machine with a computer, it is possible to achieve an unmanned operation, reduce cost, and produce a consistent level of quality. Measurement requires technology. The same process may produce a different result if the procedure is different.

We feel that it can be solved by using a computerized control.

“Amaze others”

If it is not amazing, it is not worth considering.

This is what we cultivate since the founding of our company. It is also our corporate motto that sticks firmly to the hearts of all our employees. Although something is a good product, but it is meaningless if it is not “amazing”. The hint is in the workplace. Listen to the voices there. Can we notice even trivial things?

Salespeople, service engineers, and all our employees respect cherish company policy.

An organization that shapes like a net is strong

Although we consist of different divisions, such as sales, technology, service, general affairs, etc., but we have created an organization in which each part works like a knot of a net. Customers will not say anything to those who do not have the knowledge.

Although each division has its own specialties, the people in it understand the work done by those in other divisions. Not only product information, but technical matters and occurring costs are shared properly among divisions.

We are now steering toward Asia, Europe, and then the world. We are looking at global markets and will always evolve to push forward with our daily tasks while taking advantage of our strengths.